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Following the museum virtual tours we created for the Churchill War Rooms and the main Imperial War Museum site in Lambeth , Pan 3Sixty were commissioned to create a virtual tour of H.M.S. Belfast. Whereas the previous tours were created to promote the two museums as visitor attractions, the primary aim of the H.M.S. Belfast virtual tour was to enable visitors who are  unable to access the lower or upper decks, with a means to view the whole ship.

Working closely with IWM staff, Pan 3Sixty created a custom designed user interface in-line with the IWM branding guidelines. Alongside the 360° panoramas, the user interface included animated deck plans so viewers can navigate from one location to the next, and a series of archive photographs of H.M.S. Belfast in action. There are also a number of trivia facts about the ship, providing the viewer with interesting facts and figures about the ship.

Installed on a touch screen kiosk located onboard the main deck of HMS Belfast itself, the finished virtual tour guides visitors through 20 different locations, enabling them to view each one in their entirety.

To further maximise the return on their investment, an online version of the HMS Belfast virtual tour was created to provide potential visitors with a ‘taster’ of what they will see when visiting this historic ship.

Throughout the lifespan of the HMS Belfast 360° virtual tour, which has seen a number of user interface redesigns and updates, we utilised the original source photographs created in 2003. When compared to cheap, low resolution 360° virtual tours,  the improved longevity of ‘future proof’ 360° virtual tours is a clear demonstration of how high quality content provides the client with better value for money over the long term, not to mention a better product.

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The Pan 3Sixty team were very professional, a pleasure to work with and we are absolutely delighted with the results. The virtual tour of HMS Belfast, and in particular Pan 3Sixty’s exciting and dramatic 360° panoramas, are now the highlight of our website.

The kiosk version of the virtual tour onboard H.M.S. Belfast enables disabled visitors to view many areas of the ship that were previously inaccessible plus a few additional locations that are off limits to all visitors.

Director, H.M.S. Belfast

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