JAGS Sports Club - Reception

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The newly designed reception area at JAGS Sports Club is now a welcoming and friendly space for members to meet, enter the site and swipe in. Should you need any information, our trained reception team are happy to help with a range of leaflets and brochures on the club and its activities. We have hot and cold drink machines plus a snack machine for anyone wanting a quick bite to eat or drink all located in the reception area.

Swimming Pool

A luxuriously modern 25 metre by 12 metre pool, catering for fun and competitive swimming. Built in 2000 by the award winning Graham Watts Partnership, the architecture of this building allows for plenty of natural sunlight to saturate the pool through the large windows enclosing the structure. This perfectly complements the ultra modern design of the pool which has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

The pool itself has an ultra violet sanitation system allowing for drastically reduced chlorine use. In short swimmers can swim without smelling of chlorine for days or getting sore eyes. We have a range of activities in the pool from general swim sessions, specific lane swimming sessions for Adults Only, Fun Float Sessions, a full Learn to Swim programme even Aqua Aerobics.

Sports Hall

The sports hall has flooring made from an acrylic compound which makes it a non slip surface . The space itself is capable of accommodating four badminton courts side-by -side or a full size five a side pitch. Members can book this space up to two weeks in advance for activities such a badminton, table tennis or basket ball either online or the traditional way via phone or in person and users without racquets can hire any necessary equipment. We also use the space for courses such as trampolining and fencing as well as hiring the space out for children’s parties. This may be in the form of a bouncy castle or sports party such as a football party.

Main Gym

The Main Gym is host to 36 equipment stations. These include running machines, cross training machines, hill climbing machines, rowers and bikes plus a range of resistance machines. The entire area is air conditioned to keep users cool and there is both visual entertainment in the form of flat screen digital TVs and a variety of radio stations which can be played both from the cardiovascular machines integrated entertainment systems or through the six speakers located around the gym. We also have a compact selection of dumbbells for free weight resistance work. As with the Express Gym and Flexibility and Agility Gyms, the main gym has the computerised personal training system known as ‘Fitlinxx’ which is installed for members to follow their workout programmes.

Studio 1

We have two aerobic studios at JAGS Sports Club. The one being presented here has a sprung floor and is also fully air conditioned. This space allows us to provide 22 different aerobic sessions across the week, all of which are free to members. The sessions range from Yoga, Pilates, Box Fit, and Zumba to the more traditional sessions such as circuit and step classes.

Agility Gym

Our Flexibility and Agility area has also been redeveloped to include the new range of Lifefitness cardiovascular machines plus the new cutting edge in work out apparatus known as Power Plates. As with the main gym the cardiovascular machines have MP3 connectors and integrated TVs with access to digital television networks. This area also has areas for stretching and for strength. We are able to book all new users to this area for brief inductions to the equipment.

Express Gym

This is the newest facility of the sports club along with the Flexibility & Agility Gym. Due to increased member usage the decision was made to utilise the balcony of the sports hall to enlarge on the main gym on the floor below. The first of the two parts to this new area is the express gym itself. This is the new Life Fitness Circuit Series. It is the ideal strength-training solution for users of all experience levels. Anyone can receive a complete, total-body workout from those new to strength training to regulars, and from those losing interest in exercising to the time-challenged. These machines are approachable for less-experienced users, yet still give experienced exercisers the challenging workout they crave. The Circuit Series will be simple to operate, great at motivating people to get into and stick with the fitness habit, and delivers outstanding results.

Artificial Turf Pitch

The Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) was opened in the summer of 2005. It is a full size hockey pitch with 4 five-a-side pitches marked across its width. This facility can be hired by both hockey teams and five a side teams on a 12 week basis. The pitch is floodlit to allow for night matches and has an area for parents or supporters who want to spectate.

Tennis Courts

There are 8 recently resurfaced tennis courts (two of which are floodlit) available for members to use. Members can book courts up to two weeks in advance either online or in the traditional way by phone or person. Members who do not have the necessary equipment can hire racquets from our reception for a minimal fee.