Virtual Tour User Interfaces

Launch the Jaguar Heritage Museum virtual tour user interface

In addition to producing the 360º panoramas, we also offer a complete virtual tour solution whereby the panoramas are incorporated into a custom designed and branded user interface. We believe this is the most user-friendly way of delivering 360º virtual tours to your clients, providing the viewer with an intuitive way to navigate from one panorama to the next and ensuring they remain orientated within the tour at all times.

We don’t base all our designs on a template, thus making one clients virtual tour look much like another, but instead we create all our virtual tour user interfaces from scratch. Your virtual tour will be unique to your company and will have a continuity of design with your main website.

All the features are bought together into a sleek, accessible and user-friendly 360° virtual tour user interface that effectively communicates your company’s message to your potential customers in an impressive and engaging way.

Standard features include:

  • Custom designed user interface branded as required
  • Large standard panorama display size & unobstructed full screen display size
  • Custom designed panorama controls for ultimate ease of use
  • The 360º panoramas can be linked to from a floor-plan or map, or a series of thumbnail photographs
  • Users can move from panorama to panorama by clicking the rooms on the floor-plan, markers on a map or by clicking on the thumbnail photographs
  • Text to accompany each 360º panorama
  • Integrated social media links so users can share the virtual tour with others
  • Instruction page with a link for the viewer to download Flash should they require it
  • Monthly Google Analytic reports so you can see who is viewing the virtual tour

Optional extras could include:

  • Branded download screen
  • Pop-up labels indicating items of interest within a panorama
  • Pop-up still images of items of interest in the panorama
  • Hotspots linking one panorama to the next, providing the viewer with a ‘walk through tour’
  • Forms such a ‘newsletter sign form’ that the viewer can fill in and send off in order to receive a newsletter.
  • Drop down lists with ‘go to’ items within the panorama. When an item is selected from the list, the panorama automatically moves to, and then zooms in on, the item in question
  • A compass showing the direction in which the viewer is looking
  • ‘E-postcard’ facility enabling viewers to create and send customised postcards using a snapshot from a panorama
  • Ambient sounds, direction sounds, audio commentary or background music

There are many additions we can make to the User Interface; listed above are some of the most commonly used. If there is something you require that is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mobile Compatible

All our virtual tours can now be created to be viewed across all platforms, with a Flash version for both Windows and Mac OS and an HTML5 version for viewing on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or complete the short form on our quotation page to get a cost for your project.