Ultra High Resolution 360° Panoramas

We developed a new work flow for creating ultra high resolution 360° panoramas to provide clients with the option to showcase their business in even greater detail. At 24,000 pixels wide by 12,000 pixels high, the panoramas are 16 times the size of our standard full screen panoramas and enable to viewer to zoom in on even greater levels of detail without any image degradation.

Our ultra high resolution panoramas can be viewed interactively using specialised viewing software. To avoid the long download times usually associated with such large photographs, the panorama is divided into hundreds of smaller images. Only those images on display are downloaded, with new image download only as required when the user moves round the scene. Zooming in will load a higher resolution version of the panorama, enabling the user to see even greater detail without the image quality deteriorating and without the need to download large amounts of unnecessary data.

Should you require, we can produce even larger panoramas to order, tailoring the final size specifically to your specific requirements. Make sure you check out our page on Gigapixel panoramas and see the GigaPixel panorama of the London skyline we created for Canon.

For more details contact us on 0845 644 3605 or request a cost for your 360° virtual tour on the quotation page.


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