HDR Panoramas (High Dynamic Range)

HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging) is technique we use to create 360° panoramas with a greater dynamic range, providing more detail in both the shadow and highlight areas . The result is a more realistic and visually appealing representation of the location being photographed. This is particularly important with 360° photography where the range between the highlights and that shadows is often  far greater than that which can be captured with a single exposure.

In our continual efforts to offer the very highest quality 360° panoramas, we use HDRi when creating all our 360° panoramas. Whilst this increases the production time, the final results are well worth the extra effort.

For example ….

The scene above had a huge dynamic range, from the highlights on the clouds outside in bright sunshine to the shadows under the furniture in the room. To capture detail in the highlights and shadows with a single exposure is impossible. By creating a series of different exposures , and then skillfully blending the exposures together, we captured all the detail required, and created an appealing panorama that showcases the apartment in the best possible light (excuse the pun!).

The individual panoramas below show the range of exposures we captured in order to create the final HDR panorama above, but the blending is only part of the process. As with every single 360° panorama we create, the scene was retouched in Photoshop to create the desired result: a natural looking scene with great highlight and shadow detail.

Individual panoramas that make up the final HDRi panorama


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