Accessible Virtual Tours – Flash & HTML 5

Flash LogoHTML 5With older formats such as QuickTime VR & Java now redundant we produce all our virtual tours using Flash and HTML5. The advantages of producing 360° virtual tours in these formats include:

Accessibility and ease of use: With more than 98% of desktop users having Flash installed, there is no need to worry potential clients having to install additional software to view your virtual tour, or even worse not being able to view the virtual tour at all. 

Tablets & Smart Phones: To accommodate the ever increasing number of viewers using tablets or smart phones to browse the web, all our tours are delivered in HTML5 for maximum accessibility. As HTML5 panorama viewing software develops we can incorporate new features into our virtual tours to provide the viewer with a more engaging and enjoyable experience, no matter what they use to view the tour.   

Cross Platform: Flash virtual tours can be viewed on both Windows and Mac OS whilst an HTML5 virtual tours can be viewed on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Superb Image Quality: Not all panorama viewing software is the same. Having tested the leading panorama viewing software we noted considerable differences in how the same panorama was rendered on screen. After completing our tests we invested in the panorama viewing software that offers both the highest final image quality and a great range of additional functions.

Multi Resolution: To display ultra high resolution panoramas (or even Gigapixel panoramas) we split the panorama into hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of smaller images, and the panorama viewing software only loads the images required for the section of the panorama being viewed. As the user zooms in, a higher resolution version of the panorama is loaded so that the smallest details can be seen without the image quality deteriorating or the need to download large amounts of unnecessary data.

Additional Features: There is a huge range of additional features that we can incorporate into a Flash Virtual Tour to make it both more engaging and easier to use.

Commonly included features include:

  • Panorama controls for the ultimate ease of use
  • Floor-plan, map and thumbnail navigation
  • Pop-up graphics such as labels, still photographs & information panels
  • Hotspots linking one panorama to the next for a ‘walk through tour’, much as if the viewer was moving from one room through to the next
  • Subtle visual effects such as flair emanating from bright light sources in the scene
  • Video elements embedded in a panorama
  • Audio commentaries, ambient sound effects or background music

This is by no means a comprehensive list of additional features.  If you require a feature that is not listed here please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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