‘View from the Tower’ virtual tour, part of the Managing a Masterpiece project

The ‘View from the Tower’ virtual tour is part of the ‘Managing a Masterpiece’ project, a three-year Heritage Lottery funded programme to understand, conserve and celebrate the landscape of the Stour Valley. Pan 3Sixty were commissioned to produce a series of panoramic views from 35 church towers running the length of the valley, from the village of Great Bradley in the west to Brantham in the east.

Photographed over a 10 month period, the 360° panoramas provide a unique view of the Stour Valley landscape throughout the seasons, from vantage points not normally accessible to the general public.

The 360° panoramas were delivered in three different formats. Firstly there was an online version incorporating the interactive 360° panoramas into a custom-designed user interface. Using a tagged Google map the viewer can journey down the Stour Valley from one church panorama to the next. Information hotspots identify other churches and items of interest in the landscape, whilst a direction finder tells the viewer if they are looking North, East, South or West.

A second version of the virtual tour was created for viewing on a kiosk. The kiosk will spend a month or two in each of the churches involved with the project and provide church visitors a chance to see all 35 panoramic views.

Finally a series of 36″ wide framed panoramic prints were created and given to each of the churches to display as they wish.

If you are interested in church virtual tour call us on 0845 644 3605 to see how we can help.


 Click here to launch the full 360° virtual tour