Camera shop virtual tour for Red Dot Cameras

Red Dot Cameras is an independent camera shop in London’s Old Street exclusively selling Leica cameras and run by life long  Leica enthusiast, Ivor Cooper.

Whilst selling a Leica M6 and lenses though Red Dot Cameras, Pan 3Sixty photographer Philip Giles happened upon the subject of 360° panoramas (he just cant help it!) and in particular the shop virtual tour on the Red Dot Cameras website. Not being not overly impressive, the panorama was poorly exposed, unsharp and suffered from an unpleasant colour cast; hardy worthy of the Leica brand! After showing Ivor some of the work in the Pan 3Sixty portfolio so he could see what decent 360° panoramas look like, we were commissioned to create a replacement panorama.

We first photographed Red Dot Cameras in 2010, and so as to be ‘in keeping’with everything else in the shop the panorama was shot on a Leica M9 using a Leica Tri-Elmar 16-18-21mm f4 ASPH-M lens set at 16mm.

Following the positive feedback Ivor had received from customers regarding our first 360° panorama, Red Dot cameras commissioned us a second time in 2011 after the shop underwent a complete refit. The updated shop virtual tour shows the new interior to great effect with pop-up photographs of the display cases showing the vast range of cameras for sale. From the latest £16k + Leica S2 way back to the Leica 1 Model A there is enough on display to whet the taste buds of even the most demanding Leica enthusiast!


If you run an independent specialist shop, give us a call on 0845 644 3605 to see how we can help showcase it to the world and attract more people through the door.