Island Sky virtual tour for Noble Caledonia

Following a major refurbishment, Pan 3Sixty was commissioned to create a 360° virtual tour of Island Sky so Noble Caledonia customers can see the improvements made to this much-loved luxury cruising ship.

360° panoramas showcase the sumptuous cabins, lounge, bar and restaurant and other facilities to perfection, conveying the luxurious atmosphere to be found on board. Further views of the open air cafe, cabin balconies and bridge complete the tour, providing Noble Caledonia customers both new and existing with a comprehensive look around this unique and intimate ship.

All the photography was completed whilst Island Sky sailed from Seville to Portsmouth, from where her maiden post-refurbishment cruise departed. Although very rough conditions in the Bay of Biscay prevented any photography for a two days at sea, we worked tirelessly on the remainder of the journey to complete the photography schedule and deliver the finished Island Sky virtual tour on time.

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