Sports club virtual tour for JAGS Sports

JAGS Sports Club, in East Dulwich, London commissioned Pan 3Sixty to produce a virtual tour to showcase their facilities. Photographing the main facilities at the club, we created eight full screen 360º panoramas which were incorporated into a custom designed user interface. The virtual tour provides potential members with a great view of the swimming pool, gymnasiums, tennis courts, astro turf football pitch and other facilities available at JAGS Sports Club.

In our follow up consultation with the Club Manager after the virtual tour had been online for a year, he said it had had a profound and twofold effect. Prior to the virtual tour staff would spend a considerable amount of time showing new members the facilities but since the virtual tour went online, it has replaced the personal show rounds with new members joining the club having seen the facilities via the virtual tour. Not only has has the sports club virtual tour attracted new members, it has also saved us much time and expense.

“The Pan 3Sixty virtual tour was always going be a great asset.  After seeing their website and what they had done for other clients, we were very excited to see what they could offer us and we were not disappointed.

The Pan 3Sixty team were very generous with their time (choosing to stay well after dark to get the ‘right’ picture) and their attention to detail superb. They always had our best interests at heart when setting shots up in order to get the most from our facilities. Their general perception and intuition as to what we required left us feeling we had received a great service.

As an extension to our website, the virtual tour has not been so much an evolutionary step as a revolutionary one.  Prospective members get to see our facilities in a way that is not only stunning but also very easy to use and it’s proving to be the best marketing interface we have invested in so far.

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Click here to launch the full 360° virtual tour