Luxury guest house virtual tour for Huis ‘t Schaep, Bruges

Huis ‘t Schaep is a small luxury guest house in the historic centre of Bruges. Once the home of Samuel Coucke, a famous stained glass maker of 19th century Belgium, it is now a haven of luxury and fine living where guests relax in succulent surrounding that pay homage to buildings history.

Following comments and reviews from guests, Huis t’ Schaep owner John Imamkhan was concerned that the still photographs and video on their website did not convey just how luxurious the guesthouse is. After demonstrating our work and explaining how we have helped market other hotels in Bruges for Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Pan 3Sixty were commissioned to create a 360° virtual tour to showcase the sumptuous suites and rooms to potential guests.

The finished tour brings together 10 full screen, multi-resolution 360° panoramas into a custom-designed user interface to show off the guest house in its full glory. There are English and Dutch versions of the virtual tour with French and German in the pipeline so as to cater for guests from all over Europe and further afield.


If you are interested in commissioning a guest house virtual tour, please call us on 0845 644 3605 to discuss your requirements. We would love to hear from you.