Cruise ship virtual tour of Braemar for Fred Olsen

With the extension and refurbishment of Braemar in 2008, Fred Olsen wanted to replace its existing virtual tour to reflect the changes made to the ship and increase bookings. The client was also keen to improve the quality of the previous 360° panoramas they had commissioned from another virtual tour company; produced using a one shot system, with no photographic flair and minimal retouching it is hard to believe the original cruise ship virtual tour was having a positive marketing effect. 

Having selected Pan 3Sixty to produce the 360° panoramas, the shoot took place during a seven-day Baltic cruise. Liaising closely with the client and crew, we were very careful to minimise any disturbance to the passengers whilst maximising the opportunity available to photograph the each location when looking its very best.

With crisp, clear and attractive 360° views of the staterooms, restaurants, bars, entertainment areas and other facilities that guests can enjoy when cruising on board Braemar, the new virtual tour provides a real feel for the ship and all it has to offer.

If your 360° virtual tour is not providing the returns you feel it ought to, then call us on 0845 644 3605 and we will be happy to carry out a fee appraisal. Our report will outline the weaknesses of the tour and detail what improvements need to be made for it to attract more business.