Canary Wharf 360° Panoramas created for Liberty Science Centre, New Jersey

The Liberty Science Centre in New Jersey commissioned Pan 3Sixty to create two 360° panoramas of the view from No.1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf (one looking eastward and the other westward) for use in their exhibition ‘Skyscraper!‘. The finished panoramas are displayed on a kiosk alongside views from other skyscrapers around the world.

Pan 3Sixty photographer Phil Giles was the first photographer to be commissioned to work on the exhibition and worked closely with the Liberty Science Centre to deliver the desired results. Upon delivering the panoramas the client was so pleased, Phil was  asked to create a set of guidelines for producing similar 360° panoramas. The guidelines were used by other photographers commissioned from around the world so as to maintain high photographic standards and a continuity across all the 360° panoramas used in the exhibition.