Property Virtual Tours

The reasons why property developers should use property virtual tours is well documented, and showcasing properties is one of the most widely used applications for 360° panoramas. What seems to be less well acknowledged, is the importance attached to the quality of the 360° photography being used. Interactivity shouldn’t be a substitute for image quality; after all, is a poorly produced, blurry panorama going to help sell a beautifully presented luxury property? We don’t think so.

As with all the photography we produce, image quality is paramount. Just because a property virtual tour is a ‘disposable product’ (i.e. when the property is sold the tour is redundant) it doesn’t mean we cut any corners when it comes to their production. Great photography is not a luxury, but an essential way of communicating effectively with potential clients.

High quality property virtual tours are an ideal means by which potential buyers can easily view a property in its entirety prior to viewing it in person. In addition to attracting a greater number of ‘qualified’ viewers to look round the property, a virtual tour will also reduce the amount of wasted viewings i.e. those customers who could have seen the property was not right for them had they been able to view a virtual tour beforehand.

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