Museum Virtual Tours

Whilst interactive 360º virtual tours will never replace the experience of visiting a museum or historic attraction in person, they are a highly effective way to provide visitors with a ‘taste’ of what they can see and experience. Engaging and informative, museum virtual tours are an essential aid to promoting  museums and help increase visitor numbers.

Today’s consumers clearly have an appetite for rich online content that helps them make better informed choices, including where to go and what to visit. A museum 360º virtual tour provides your website audience with such content.

Over the past 13 years, our skillfully crafted, high-quality museum virtual tours have been the perfect solution for many different museums throughout the UK. From small, independents through to large national institutions, we have created tailor-made virtual tours to meet a variety of requirements.

In addition to increasing visitor numbers, other applications include:

  • Increasing access to collections by enhancing the virtual tour with digitised collections such as oral histories, photography and video drawn from the archives
  • Widening access for disabled visitors via an on-site, kiosk-based virtual tour
  • Providing a useful educational resource for schools, both to help plan visits and classroom activities post visit
  • Accessing the inaccessible: offer virtual access to areas not normally open to the public for conservation or security reasons, for example vehicle interiors
  • Marketing corporate facilities to generate additional income and increase the return on your investment
  • Extending access to the venue for international visitors unable to visit in person
  • Create an archive of virtual tours showcasing temporary exhibitions from the past
  • Document rooms or exhibits in ultra-high resolution

In addition to producing the 360º panoramas, we also create custom designed user interfaces. We believe this is the most user-friendly way of delivering museum virtual tours, providing the viewer with an intuitive way to navigate through the virtual tour. Custom designed from scratch, the 360º panoramas are brought together with additional features to form a sleek, accessible and user-friendly 360° virtual tour.

Additional features may include:

  • Floor plan navigation and room-to-room links for a museum ‘walk-through’
  • Pop-up labels highlighting items of interest
  • Embedding additional content such as archival photographs, videos or oral histories
  • Social media integration so viewers can easily share with others and drive traffic to the website
  • Tablet compatibility for maximum accessibility
  • ‘E-postcard’ facility enabling viewers to create and send customised postcards using a snapshot from a panorama

With fantastic collections and magnificent rooms, why not show them off to full effect and make your website audience say, “I want to visit!”.


We love creating inspiring, engaging and informative museum virtual tours, so call us on 0845 644 3605 to discuss your ideas and see how we can help. Alternatively you can fill out a short form to receive a quotation for your virtual tour.