Miscellaneous 360º Virtual Tours

There is a wide variety of applications for 360° virtual tours outside of the more traditional uses, such as recording historic events, capturing museum exhibits or artworks in minute detail using gigapixel technology, showcasing an unusual business, exploring an environment, as a training aid, as a safety familiarisation tool, or maybe to increase social media interaction by providing fans with rich media….the list goes on.

Pan 3Sixty has worked on many ‘non traditional’ 360° virtual tours over the past 13 years. Part of our success has been our ability to effectively analyze client’s requirements, suggest viable solutions and then work closely with the clients to create 360° virtual tours that meets their every need. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to make sure the virtual tour will work for you, no matter what the subject.

Case Studies

‘The Glory Hole’ for La Boisselle Study Group

La Boisselle Study Group was set up to carry out a detailed long-term archaeological, historical, technological and genealogical study of ‘The Glory Hole’, an area of WW1 battlefield on the Somme that saw intensive fighting both above and below ground. The projects aims is to to encourage the preservation of this unique segment of battlefield near the village of La Boisselle.


When the project members are working on-site, visitors are welcomed and shown round the archaeological work being carried out and are occasionally guided down the safer tunnels if there is not excavation work under way. Unfortunately, there are times when visitors cannot access the site due to work being undertaken, and access to the majority of the tunnels is restricted due to the obvious dangers.


La Boiselle Study Group now provides site visitors with a 360° virtual tour of the excavations when personal tours are simply not possible and enables them to see underground locations that were previously inaccessible. The online version of the virtual tour opens up the excavations to a world wide audience, increasing awareness of the project and bringing in new donations upon which the project relies.

With the excavations expected to continue for many years to come, Pan 3Sixty will continue to document the work and add new 360° panoramas to this evolving virtual tour.


ScotRail: The Caledonian Sleeper

The Caledonia Sleeper is operated by ScotRail and runs an overnight service from Scotland to London Euston.


Research showed one of the main obstacles in getting customers to make a booking on the Caledonian Sleeper was a lack of ‘tangible information’ showing the services on offer and what customers could expect.


To remedy the problem, ScotRail approached Pan 3Sixty to create a virtual tour of the Caledonian Sleeper that clearly illustrates what the Caledonian Sleeper is and how comfortable an experience travelers can expect.  360 Panoramas of the first and second class sleeping apartments plus the lounges and seating areas leave the viewer in no doubt of the high level of comfort and convenience of the service.

Since the virtual tour went live, ScotRail noted a high percentage of their website users viewing the virtual tour which led directly to a significant increase in bookings.


Managing a Masterpiece: A View from the Tower

Managing a Masterpiece is a three year Heritage Lottery Funded program to understand, conserve and celebrate the landscape of the Stour Valley.


As part of the program, the ‘View from the Tower’ project was originally intended to physically open 35 church towers to the public so they could view the magnificent landscape in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Due to various access and health & safety restrictions, it quickly became obvious that this approach would not be feasible.


The solution was to provide virtual access to the views from the church towers via a series of 360º panoramas, with each panorama being linked to from a map of the area. The virtual tour was then installed on a kiosk located in the churches involved for their visitors and congregations to view and enjoy.


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