Gallery Virtual Tours

From a single panoramic image to use in a brochure through to a complete 360º virtual tour for the Internet, our panoramic photography has been used to provide visitors with a preview of what they can see when visiting galleries and art organisations.

Utilising ultra high resolution 360º panoramas (or even gigapixel panoramas) that enable the user to see exhibits in fine detail, gallery virtual tours have become a powerful and effective marketing tool to attract more visitors.

In addition to bringing your gallery website to life with engaging and interactive content that provides your clients with an outstanding view of the exhibitions, we can employ pop-up labels to identify and interpret individual artworks.

Some of our clients, such as The Henry Moore Foundation, have created a ‘virtual archive’ of temporary exhibitions so visitors can take a virtual tour of past exhibitions long after they have ended.

In addition to online use, panoramas can also be used effectively in printed material such as exhibition brochures and promotional leaflets.

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